The Simpsons 2: Itchy and Scratchy Land for Windows Mobile


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True to The Simpson's original "Itchy and Scratchy Land" episode, navigate your way through the dangerous theme park's 4 insane lands: Explosion Land, Unnecessary Surgery Land, Torture Land and Searing Gas Pain Land.

Battle wave after wave of rampaging Itchy and Scratchy 'bots, blood thirsty Axe 'bots and devastating Bomb 'bots. Flee the Itchy & Scratchy crazed robots by navigating mine fields, dodging saws and avoiding traps. And help Homer use the theme park's busted bowling ball game to bash rampaging 'bots into bits.


-Play as Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa to escape Itchy and Scratchy Land

-Arm yourself with Bart's slingshot, Marge's vacuum gun, and Lisa's Robo-Generator.

-Rescue your favorite Springfield citizens stranded throughout the lands.

-Venture back inside each deadly land to improve upon your best score

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it´s not a good game if you really really REALLY loves the Simpsons you could like it

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